National Yoga Month

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National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month, a time to promote the benefits of this ancient practice. Since 2008, people across the country have celebrated the month through yoga classes and special events to motivate others toward a more peaceful, balanced lifestyle. This September Corc Yoga wants to share why it’s important to celebrate this month and how you can get involved.

First, let’s talk about why you should celebrate National Yoga Month. Even if you’ve been doing yoga for years, getting involved this month can improve your established practice.

3 Reasons You Should Celebrate National Yoga Month

Practicing Yoga Outdoors on Cork Yoga Mat

1. It Will Remind You Why You Started Practicing Yoga

We’re all creatures of habit. It’s easy to get lost in our day-to-day routine and overlook the benefits of our yoga practice. But this month, we want to encourage you to stop and remember why you began practicing yoga in the first place. Take time to reflect back on how far you’ve come. And take a moment to recall the purpose of your personal yoga practice.

Woman Practicing on Green Yoga Mat in Yoga Studio

2. To Encourage You to Try New Types of Yoga

Depending upon how long you’ve been practicing, you’ve probably settled into a favorite type of yoga. But National Yoga Month is the perfect time to try something new or revisit a type of practice you haven’t tried in a while. An important aspect of yoga is growth and new experiences are a great way to promote growth in your own life. Maybe you’ll find something you really enjoy.

Group of Women who Practice Yoga

3. It Will Help You Make New Connections Within the Yoga Community

With the many different yoga events happening across the country, this month presents the perfect opportunity to make new connections within the yoga community. Maybe you live in a small town or you just want to meet someone new. Look for a couple of events outside of your usual routine to meet someone new.

Now that you understand the importance of this month, we want to highlight a few ways you can get involved in National Yoga Month.

8 Ways to Celebrate National Yoga Month

Two women practicing yoga outdoors on cork yoga mat

1. Try Something New

Maybe you’ve always to try hot yoga or SUP yoga. National Yoga Month is the perfect time to try something new. Grab a friend, step out of your routine, and try something new. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with a new way of practicing yoga.

Woman practicing yoga position in yoga studio

2. Conquer a Challenge Pose

Is there a pose you’ve always wanted to do but have either never tried, for fear of failure, or just haven’t been able to accomplish it? Maybe it’s a handstand or maybe you just want to be able to grab your toes. Choose one challenge pose this month and do it. You may need to recruit the help of a friend or instructor, but either way, commit to doing it.

Practicing yoga with a friend

3. Bring a Friend to Class

As a practicing yogi, you understand the benefits of yoga. Instead of keeping those benefits to yourself, invite a friend to join you so she can experience these benefits as well.

Cork Yoga Mat on Couch

4. Treat Yourself

While sharing the positive effects of yoga with your friends, it’s also good to treat yourself. Maybe there’s a pair of leggings you’ve been wanting or a new yoga mat you’ve had your eye on. Use this month as a guilt-free reason to purchase it. After all, you’re celebrating a national observance!

Woman practicing yoga in the park

5. Yoga in the Park

Throughout the month of September, there are yoga events all across the country. Many cities offer yoga in the park. This is a great way to take your practice outdoors and appreciate the beautiful nature we often don’t take the time to enjoy.

6. Host a Get-Together

Rarely do we take time to experience life with our yoga community outside of the studio. Celebrate National Yoga Month with the members of your studio by hosting a dinner party. Take the time to get to know them on a deeper level.

Man practicing Sadhana on Corc Yoga Mat outdoors

7. Practice a Sadhana

Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice. Begin your day with a 15-minute sadhana such as sun salutations, followed by breathwork, and then meditation. You can choose to begin the day or end the day this way.

Yoga Retreat with Corc Yoga Mats

8. Yoga Retreat

One of the best ways to connect with your practice is to get out of your routine and go on a yoga retreat. This is another way to connect with nature, go deeper in your practice, and treat yourself. If you can’t find a yoga retreat that fits into your schedule this month, consider joining us on the Renewal Yoga Retreat happening June 27th through July 3rd, 2020.