7 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Your Sweetheart

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7 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Your Sweetheart

Romantic gestures, greeting cards, and boxes of chocolates are all ways we show our love for each other on Valentine’s Day. But with the millions of paper cards given, countless amounts of wrapping paper, and air-freighted red roses, little love is given to mother nature.

But with the millions of paper cards given, countless amounts of wrapping paper, and air-freighted red roses have a damaging effect on the planet. On a day when we express our love for each other, little shown toward mother nature.

But don’t fear. We want to give you seven different ways you be eco-conscious with your gift-giving this February 14th. From an indoor herb garden to eco-friendly yoga items, you can be green in your gift-giving without sacrificing any of the holiday’s romantic passion.

 Indoor Herbal Garden

1. An Indoor Herb Garden

Click & Grow Indoor Smart Fresh Herb Garden Kit
Price: $73.09
Where to buy: Amazon.com

Flowers are nice, but within a few days, all that’s left is a wilted reminder of Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t your lover rather have an ecological gift that keeps giving well past February 14th? An indoor herb garden is perfect for someone who wants access to fresh herbs any time of year. From herbs to strawberries, the Click & Grow Indoor Smart Garden allows you to customize what is grown.


2. Tea

Organic Tea Sampler
Price: $34.95
Where to buy: The Tea Spot

If you’re celebrating with an avid tea drinker, then the gift of tea sampling is perfect. The Organic Tea Sampler from The Tea Spot comes with six mini tins, and each of these single-estate teas is sourced in a way that has a low environmental impact. What’s even better is that 10 percent of all the profits go to community charities for human health.


3. Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern
Price: $12.00+
Where to buy: Pistol’s Nursery

Want another alternative to flowers? A staghorn fern may not express your love like a bouquet of red roses, but this fascinating plant will undoubtedly capture the interest of your sweetheart. This plant is versatile, easy to care for, and will even improve the air quality in his or her home. Unlike an overpriced greeting card, a staghorn fern can be displayed in many ways around your home.

 Sustainable Yoga Gear

4. Sustainable Yoga Gear

Sustainable Yoga Products
Price: $21.99+
Where to buy: Corc Yoga

From cork clutches to cork yoga mats, Corc Yoga’s collection of sustainable yoga products has something for every eco-conscious Valentine this season. There’s truly nothing like completing your asanas on a mat made from 100 percent natural materials. Give the gift of health and sustainability to your loved one this Valentine’s Day.


5. Living Composter

Odorless Living Composter
Price: $199.00
Where to buy: Uncommon Goods

This may not be a gift to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together, but an odorless, biomorphic composter provides your sweetheart a sustainable solution for scraps. If you’re celebrating with a gardener, then this is the perfect gift. And beyond its function, the Living Composter boasts an elegant design that will look great in any place in the home.


6. Jewelry

Brilliant Earth Songbird Necklace
Price: $95.00
Where to buy: Brilliant Earth

Now, we realize that some of you would rather stick with the more traditional gifts of jewelry or chocolate. So, if jewelry is the gift you plan to give, then make sure it’s fair-trade and ecologically obtained. Brilliant Earth uses conflict-free diamonds and gemstones that are mined in low-impact ways. The Song Bird Diamond Pendant is an elegant design with a single diamond so that it fits within an affordable budget.


7. Chocolate

Chocolate Bar
Price: $3.99+
Where to buy: Divine Chocolates

Chocolate has almost become synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, chocolate handling and processing is not always done in an environmentally friendly way. But Divine Chocolates is a 100 percent Fairtrade certified chocolate company that pursues environmentally friendly packaging. Plus, you will be happy to know that your purchase with Divine will help support initiatives empowering women.



Expressing your love this year doesn’t have to be environmentally damaging. Do your research while shopping for your Valentine. Be willing to dig a little deeper to understand why a product claims to be environmentally friendly. It could be the way it’s sourced, how it’s made, or even how it’s packaged.

Our world is gradually becoming more environmentally conscious in the way we live. As a result, the market for green products continues to grow each year. So whether you’re shopping for your sweetheart or needing some ideas for yourself, use this list to celebrate your love in a more environmentally friendly way this year.