Benefits of a Cork Yoga Mat Over a Traditional Yoga Mat

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Benefits of a Cork Yoga Mat Over a Traditional Yoga Mat

Imagine yourself lying face down on your yoga mat. As you move deeper into your pose, you take a deep breathe and inhale through your nose. Instead of peaceful serenity, you’re met with the harsh smell of chemicals. 

The reality is that conventional yoga mats are often made with materials that contain harmful chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride, (PVC), polyurethane, rubber, and latex. But the natural antibacterial properties of cork means they are free of both harmful chemicals and odor.

In addition to being free of strange odors, Corc Yoga mats are the only mats on the market made completely of natural materials: no rubber, synthetics, or harsh chemicals. And because of this our cork yoga mats provide benefits traditional yoga mats don’t provide.

 Cork Yoga Mat with Hands

Better Grip

Cork provides superior grip than other materials used to make yoga mats. And the grip of cork yoga mats improves when it’s wet. The natural waxy substance in cork keeps it from absorbing moisture. This makes it the perfect surface for hot yoga!



Traditional yoga mats can carry a lot of bacteria and germs. But the natural antimicrobial properties found in cork kill germs and bacteria. This means that cork yoga mats require minimal upkeep.

 Cork Yoga Mats are Odor Free


The antibacterial properties of cork kill germs and bacteria that cause bad odors. You can breathe easier knowing your mat isn’t home to germs and bacteria.



Cork is a natural material free of any harmful chemicals.

 Cork Yoga Mat Durable


Cork is a sturdy, high-density material. In fact, it’s often used as flooring in gyms and studios! Depending upon your use, cork yoga mats can last up to 10 years.



A cork yoga mat is not only durable but lightweight as well. No more lugging around that heavy rubber mat!

 Natural Cork Yoga Mat


Harvesting cork is renewable and environmentally safe. Cork comes from the outer layer of bark from the Cork Oak Tree. When the cork is removed from the tree it regenerates its stripped bark. And if you need further proof that cork mats are good for our environment: harvested cork trees absorb five times more carbon dioxide than non-harvested trees.

Safe for Children

Cork is not only an ideal surface for yoga, but it also makes a great play surface for children and infants. Unlike conventional rubber mats, cork is all natural and contains no harmful chemicals or PVC’s. 

Final Thoughts

Cork yoga mats are safe for you and good for the environment! The natural properties of cork make it durable, lightweight, and antimicrobial. That means your cork mat will be easier to carry around and won’t provide a bad smell. The benefits of a cork yoga mat make it the clear choice over conventional yoga mats.